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Children Play Sets

B & B YARDSCAPE installs children's play areas. We can either design and build a custom play area or you can purchase one from a home center. We do the hauling, area preparation, professional assembly and in a couple of days your children can be having fun on it.

We insure that the area is large enough to safely install the play structure. We remove all safety hazards such as trees, weeds, or rocks. We remove at least 4" of top soil to insure a level area and to prevent rotting grass. B & B YARDSCAPE uses pressure treated landscape timbers to outline the area. We line the bottom with landscape fabric and install your choice of shock absorbent material. Most of the time it is play ground safe shredded bark, but it can be sand or we can leave the grass in place.

We then pick up and deliver the play structure. It takes approximately 2 days for us to professionally assemble the average play structure. When we are finished your children will have a safe and fun area to explore, exercise, and have fun.

All play sets, choice of material, and backyards are different so prices are different for each installation. Give B & B YARDSCAPE a call to set up an appointment for a FREE estimate.

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